TSI certified SGNSS type freight wagon, designed by VAKO and that can be used on all European railway networks, has a 22.5 tons axle load…. MORE


The EANOSS type freight car is designed for the transportation of loose materials such as scrap iron, coal, ore, sand, gravel, etc. It is whole-metal with integral…MORE


It is a 6-axle articulated intermodal wagon designed for transporting containers of various sizes, and swap bodies. It is suitable for 1435mm normal track gauge and for climatic conditions with …MORE


4-axle platform type wagon with an axle pressure of 22.5 tons is suitable for container transportation, 120 km / h speed regime. There are 16 tilting type container locks on the wagon…MORE

Slag Ladle Wagon

Hot Slag Ladle Wagon with a carrying capacity of 111 tons is designed with an axle load of 35 tons. It is used for special purposes in steel mills to carry hot slag and discharge …MORE


Self-discharging FALNS-WU Wagon is particularly suitable for transporting materials that are not susceptible to precipitation and moisture such as coal, limestone, limestone, gravel, and sand…MORE


It is an open freight wagon with an axle load of 20 tons and designed with 2-axle and 100 km/h speed regime. The total load capacity is 26 tons. The maximum weight is 40 tons with the tare…MORE


It is an articulated wagon with 4 wheelsets with an axle load of 20 or 22.5 tons alternatively. There are 20 tilting UIC spigots to lock the containers. It is suitable for 4 × 20‘, 2 × 40’ type …MORE


22,5 ton dingil basıncına sahip platform tipi çok amaçlı açık yük vagonu olup 4 dingilli ve 120 km/h hız rejimine uygundur. Taban döşemesi olup 2 adet alın kapak ve direği, 16 adet uzun…MORE

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