Self-discharging FALNS-WU Wagon is particularly suitable for transporting materials that are not susceptible to precipitation and moisture such as coal, limestone, limestone, gravel, and sand. The construction of the wagon ensures a mechanized loading and gravitational unloading. The pneumatically operated four discharge doors at the sides can be used to discharge either in pairs or altogether. The wagon is designed in accordance with EN and UIC standards. Flap leakage of > 1 mm is guaranteed for loads of grain.

Kapasite 67500 Kg
Dara 22500 Kg
Taban Alanı 30 m²
Dingiller Arası Mesafe 1800 mm
Taban Alanı 30 m²
Tampondan Tampona Boyu 12540 mm
Yüksekliği 3710 mm
Genişliği 3300 mm
Platformun Raylardan Yüksekliği 1265 mm
Şasi Boyu 11300 mm
Dingil Basıncı 22,5 Ton
Donanım Yarı Otomatik Koşum Takımı
Cer Kancası 100 ton
El Freni Tipi Yandan Volanlı
Teker Çapı Ø 920 Monoblok
Konstrüksiyon Çelik

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