The EANOSS type freight car is designed for the transportation of loose materials such as scrap iron, coal, ore, sand, gravel, etc. It is whole-metal with integral straight floor, firm fronts and two double-wing door in each sidewall. The EANOSS wagon with 22.5 tons axle load is manufactured in accordance with UIC and TSI standards. The effective loading surface is 39.4 m2 and the effective loading capacity is 82.5 m3. It is designed for 1435 mm track gauge. The Wagon has a loading gauge of G1. The EANOSS wagon is in compliance with the S and SS regimes. It has a loading height of 1235mm. Two Y25Ls(s)d1 bogies constitute the EANOSS’s running gear.

EANOSS Features
Track gauge 1435 mm
Tare 24,6 t
Weight of loaded wagon 90,0 t
Max. axle load 22,5 t
Max. loading weight 66 t
Max. operational speed 120 km / s
Max. operational speed at 22.5 t axle load 100 km / s
Loading area 39.4 m
Loading volume 82.4m³
Type of bogie Y25 Ls (s) d1-K (2xBgu)

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