“Experience Over 50 Years”

Engineering and wagon manufacturing to produce freight wagons in the national and international railway sector.

Our History

VAKO; is the first private company in Turkey established upon the association of its industrial experience over 50 years, engineering and wagon manufacturing to produce freight wagons in the national and international railway sector.

Our objective is to meet the wagon demands of the national and international railway world by displaying a production harmonized with changing technologies in international norms in the sector and by using more advanced and high technology continuously.

The manufacturing process takes place in our Beypazari and Temelli factories over a total area of 35.000 m2 in Ankara which consists of indoor and outdoor sections with 10.000 m2 and 25.000 m2 respectively.

VAKO Vagon has equipped all the machinery and equipment park which constitute the manufacturing infrastructure with the latest technology and provides privileged service to domestic and foreign customers with innovative and safe design products that comply with the highest quality standards.

As a result of extensive investments made in recent years, the freight wagons and bogies produced by VAKO Vagon meet the highest technical and qualitative requirements.

In addition, VAKO’s design and development department offer the most convenient solutions for each customer. We also offer the development of special type wagons, different bogie types, and other similar railway components. Engineering, project management, R&D, quality control, marketing, procurement, and customer relations constitute the main body of the administrative structure.

All kinds of wagons and parts manufactured by our company have a 2-year warranty, and their maintenance, repairs, and revisions are carried out either on-site or at our factory site.

We offer 5 years of spare parts warranty in case of defects in the material or workmanship of the parts.
Our aim is to provide new trend solutions in developing rolling stock and bogies. In consequence, we are among the industry leaders in providing a complex portfolio in the field of rail freight transport. VAKO’s talented staff can offer solutions in accordance with TSI, UIC, and EN standards.

We are constantly working to add value to the sector nationally and internationally with advanced technologies.

Our Vision

To produce railway vehicles which will provide high quality and robust service to its customers for many years, with outstanding engineering experience, with the lowest total cost, and on the planned schedule.

Our Mission

To become one of the prominent solution partners of challenging railway projects in the world with its constantly developing technological infrastructure and competent employees.

Quality Management

Our Certificates

• ISO 9001 Quality Management System
• OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System,
• ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
• EN 15085-2 Railway Applications. Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components

• EN 3834-2 Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials
• ECM Entity in Charge of Maintenance for Freight Wagons
• TSI Type Examination and Quality Management System Approval Certificates for Wagons and Bogies.

Turkey’s First Private Freight Wagon Manufacturer

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