Hot Slag Ladle Wagon

Hot Slag Ladle Wagon with a carrying capacity of 111 tons is designed with an axle load of 35 tons. It is used for special purposes in steel mills to carry hot slag and discharge by using functional ladle. The weight of the filled crucible can rise up to 107.5 tons. The wagon is equipped with a parking brake system and suitable for the 1435mm normal gauge. The maximum speed is 35 km/hour.

Hot Slag Ladle Wagon Features
Kapasite 111 Ton
Dara 29 Ton
Cer Paketi Yarı Otomatik Kavrama CA3
Dingil Basıncı 35 Ton/dingil
El Freni Tipi Yandan Volanlı
Teker Çapı 840 mm

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