TSI certified SGNSS type freight wagon, designed by VAKO and that can be used on all European railway networks, has a 22.5 tons axle load.
It is a multi-purpose intermodal wagon, where 60’, 20’, 30’ and 40’ type containers which are defined in UIC 592 can be used with different variations.

The wagon has a carrying capacity of 70.5 tons and a speed regime of 120 km/h. The wagon has an air brake system, operating with a weighing sensor and a manual parking brake. The bogies are Y2sLs(s)d1 type and can be used at 1435 mm track gauge.

SGNSS Features
Track gauge 1435 mm
Wagon tare 19,5 t
Weight of loaded wagon 90,0 t
Max. axle load 22,5 t
Max. loading weight 70,5 t
Max. operational speed 120 km s
Max. operational speed at 22.5 t axle load 100 km / s
Loading height 1160
Type of bogie Y25 Ls (s) d1-K (2xBgu)

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