It is an open freight wagon with an axle load of 20 tons and designed with 2-axle and 100 km/h speed regime. The total load capacity is 26 tons. The maximum weight is 40 tons with the tare of the wagon. The wagon is equipped with side and front wall flaps and 14 short and 12 long sole bar stanchions.

All stanchions have a locking device. The freight wagon, is suitable for the transportation of pallets, packages and all crate materials as well as materials up to 12.5 meters in length and also in block loads not exceeding the gauge dimensions. Automatic load sensors are used in all our wagons, and they can be manufactured without sensors upon request.

KS-W Features
Kapasite 26.000 Kg
Dara 14.000 Kg
Taban Alanı 34.4 m²
Şasi Boyu 12.600 mm
Tampondan Tampona Boyu 13.860 mm
Yüksekliği 2.520 mm
Genişliği 3.070 mm
Platformun Raylardan Yüksekliği 1.250 mm
Dingiller Arası Mesafe 8.000 mm
Teker Çapı Ø 1000 Monoblok
Dingil Basıncı 20Ton
Cer Paketi 150 t – Elastomerli
Cer Kancası 150 – t Gözlü
Tampon Tipi 35 Kj Elastomerli
Havalı Fren Tipi Sab-Wabco/Knor
Fren Regülatörü DRV 2A – 450
Konstrüksiyon Çelik
Yükleme Uzunluğu 12.520 mm
Yükleme Genişliği 2.750 mm

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