It is a 6-axle articulated intermodal wagon designed for transporting containers of various sizes, and swap bodies. It is suitable for 1435mm normal track gauge and for climatic conditions with temperatures T1 (-25 C°+40 C°).  the wahgon is equipped with a compact brake. The wagon tare is 26,5 tons. The total load capacity reaches 108,5 tons.

SGGMRS Features
Track gauge 1 435 mm
Wagon tare   26,5 t
Weight of loaded wagon 135  t
Max. axle load 22,5 t
Max. loading weight 108,5 t
Brake regime S (100 km/h)
Loading length 2 x 13 820 mm
Loading height  1 160 mm
Loading width 2 600 mm
Operational conditions T1
Gauge  G1

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