VAKO, established to serve our country and European Railways in 2007, has made great progress since its establishment.
During this period, 600 pieces of various types of UIC wagons are manufactured for various railway logistic companies. The company’s wagons are running smoothly on TCDD lines.

VAKO hasn’t avoided any hardship and cost to catch the technological trends of the sector. In this context, by using its own resources, it has completed its investment to make all types of wagon chassis in gas-based robot welding machines and completed all kinds of training and testing studies, and started the chassis robot welding system as of March 1, 2016.

The installed system is suitable for welding at chassis lengths of 12-20 meters and has a daily welding capacity of 3 chassis. In addition, the company completed the necessary work on the maintenance function of the company and received the ECM certificate. The certificate was published on the European Union’s ERADIS website. TSI certification studies will be completed at the end of March 2016, and all subsequent manufacturing will continue under TSI. VAKO firm serves the Railway world with such investments and becomes a source of pride for our country.