VAKO became the first Turkish wagon manufacturer to successfully complete the necessary inspection processes for certification that will ensure that its wagons are accepted into the entire European railway network. TSI Wag certificates to be received by VAKO show that the VAKO freight wagon meets the requirements of “Technical Requirements for Interoperability – TSI” and can be used in railways of EU countries as well as Norway and Switzerland. TSI inspection was performed for Sgnss type, 4 axles, 60′ container wagon.

The wagon with a tare of 19.4 tons has a carrying capacity of 70.5 tons. VAKO has successfully completed the production quality approval (SD) process, which shows that the product quality management system is at the desired level, as well as the type approval (SB), which shows that the freight wagon meets all EU requirements. SD approval will ease and speed up the type approvals of other type wagons of VAKO.  As known, import of wagons which can be manufactured in Turkey, was restricted until 2020 in 2015.